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Ricky Fitzpatrick: Journal

Acoustically Christmas LINKS - November 5, 2014

The Christmas Season is coming on fast. Gifts are already being bought, Holiday movies are playing, and Christmas Music is already playing! It’s humbling to see my Acoustically Christmas album continue to be a perennial best-seller. It was certainly one of my favorite projects and the guest artists who helped me out, helped give me some of my most precious memories in the studio.

Of course AC is available at hundreds of places, around the planet…but here are a few links to some of the more common ones, in case you want to order up (or download) a copy or two. Thank you, and Merry Christmas! - Ricky 

Five Minutes With Marc Cohn - September 29, 2014

Over the weekend, one of the most memorable things happened. I got the chance to do a Five On The Five blog interview with one of my personal heroes, the legendary Marc Cohn! You know…”Walkin’ in Memphis. I was walkin’ with my feet ten feet off of Beale.” THAT Marc Cohn! Take 5 minutes and check it out. You won’t be disappointed. -

Songwriting With the DAWG Pound Kids - July 15, 2014

I am SO proud of the brand-new song I got to write with Jude and his classmates at the Homer Baptist DAWG Pound program today, “I Want To Dance Dance Dance”. We wrote it, on the spot, in like 10 minutes. They were incredible. Blew me away.

There should be A LOT of very proud parents out there…your kids DID this!

- Ricky

Highway 98 Sign Unveiling! - April 2, 2014

Join us for the Highway 98 Sign Unveiling, Saturday, April 12, 2014 at 2PM. See you there!!!

Me and Willie - June 11, 2013

I don't even have to tell you how bad I am about keeping my "news" section up to date here. It's so consuming, using Facebook and Twitter, then emails...I just let it slip. :( Anyway...I definitely wanted to post a quick news flash, in case you haven't seen my posts about it yet!

So I go to iTunes Sunday afternoon, and bam, there I am...singing "Chevrolet" alongside Willie dadgum Nelson, on the new "Heart of America" CD from Sugo! Are you KIDDING me?!

You should check it out if you haven't. And if you have, then thank you!

Highway 98 Sign Sponsors - October 19, 2012

GA DOT funding for the “Highway 98” road signs is finally secured!

We are all incredibly grateful to the Madison County Chamber of Commerce ( and the folks at Commerce’s Southeast Toyota Distribution Center ( for sponsoring the cost of these signs. Please, please give them your support and show them your appreciation for helping us make this part of GA Music History, a reality!

Next…sign unveils, coming soon! :) 

PRESS RELEASE - Olive Tree Announcement - October 16, 2012

Olive Tree Bible AppFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 22, 2012
From Corner To Corner – GA Musician Partners With WA Software Company
It’s true that today’s technology has made our world smaller than ever. But even so, a partnership between points as far apart as Georgia (deep Southeastern US) and Washington (extreme Northwestern US) is something exciting.
Ricky Fitzpatrick and Olive Tree Bible Software, bridge over 2,400 miles to announce an endorsement agreement, which partners the two, from corner to corner of the country, and on both sides of the Christian playing field.
Olive Tree Bible Software based out of Spokane, WA is one of the world’s most prominent and leading electronic publishers of Bible versions, study tools and Christian eBooks for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. For over a decade, they’ve been helping connect millions of people, around the world, with the Word of God.
Fitzpatrick is a worship leader and an award-winning singer and songwriter with Studio 634 Records and the Sugo Music Group, with a career spanning over two decades and multiple genres. His most current accolade comes as the state of GA legislature recently declared one of his songs “Highway 98” as the first ever official song of any GA roadway.
"This is a partnership that puts each of us in a position to tell the people we already know and work with, about something new and exciting that we already believe in”, Fitzpatrick comments.
Endorsements agreements are highly-prized by both businesses and musical artists alike, as each agrees to publicly praise (or “endorse”) the people or products they like and believe in. (That’s why Toby Keith drives a Ford truck, Jennifer Hudson sings on those Weight Watchers commercials, and Michael Jordan still wears Nikes.)
“It’s an obvious thrill for me, being associated with such an amazing and respected organization, like Olive Tree”, says Fitzpatrick. “I’ve been using their Bible Reader app for a long time, even before this, and have always thought they were a great example of God’s excellence, in action.”
For more information on either Ricky Fitzpatrick or Olive Tree Bible Software, go to or
# # #
Ricky Fitzpatrick
Additional photos and graphics available upon request.

Highway 98 Video Update - September 17, 2012

Highway 98 Madison County line sign

Me and Caleb hit the road (literally) yesterday for some additional video shooting for the upcoming "Highway 98" music video. Lot of scenic shots...barns, hay bales, tractors and such. And we met a good many folks who live and work up and down 98. Good folks. Friendly and not camera shy at all. :) Held some signs for us as we hit record. I think we got what will be some great footage once we start working it all in, together. More to come...RF

For more info or to keep up with all things "98", you can check out our  Facebook page at

Testimony at Corner-Stone CHurch - May 8, 2012

Thrilled to post this past Sunday’s service from Corner-Stone Church. Loved having the chance to give my testimony and hopefully share Christ in a compelling way. Hope you can stream it or download…of course it’s free! :) And please share this link with anyone you know, who may feel like they are too broken for God to fix. His Grace abounds! –

HR-1642, baby! - March 7, 2012

Just got word today about GA House Resolution HR-1642. (Hooray!) It has "dropped" and is in committee and moving along! :-)

Continued thank-you’s to our GA state Rep Tommy Benton who is making all this happen!!! Please send some love and kind words Tommy's way at

Thank You!!!


The Sugo Music Distribution Deal! - March 1, 2012

Our latest release regrarding the very exciting exclusive digital distribution deal with the amazing Sugo Music Group. Some of the best news we could have ever gotten! :) Sugo will be handling digital distribution for my entire catalog of music from now (and the future), back through over 20 years of writing and recording. PLUS, they'll be pursuing licensing opportunities for me in film, TV, and other commercial uses. Couldn't ask for greater news! - RF

* * *


Ricky Fitzpatrick Signs Deal With Sugo Music Group

Award-winning artist and songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick and music distribution superpower Sugo Music Group, join forces as Fitzpatrick signs an Exclusive Distribution Deal. The partnership encompasses Fitzpatrick’s entire back catalog of hundreds of songs, and unprecedented distribution into thousands of locations, around the globe.

Fitzpatrick has been long hailed as “a Southernized Bob Dylan” and “the next James Taylor” with “a voice as smooth as moonshine”. His career as an artist and songwriter spans more than 20 years, where he’s become known for crafting simple but unforgettable songs that coolly straddle the fence between Folk & Country.

His career spans pop, rock, country, folk, new age and Christian genres, with performances everywhere from “Live at the Apollo” to the legendary Bluebird Café. He’s also celebrated two Number One downloads, is one of the top five most downloaded ringtone artists ever on, and was recently selected as an endorsing artist for C.F. Martin & Co, G7th Capos, and Dunlop Accessories.

Today, Ricky also leads worship at his home congregation of Corner-Stone Baptist Church (Jefferson, GA), posts regular offerings to his online devotional blog, and still maintains an active schedule with the charitable organization that he helped to found, The Healing Power of Music.

The Sugo Music Group archive embodies over 10,000 songs, hundreds of artists & labels, and 27 years of recording, licensing & distribution excellence. They've traveled the world to discover some of the most inspirational artists of our time such as Sandy Patti, The Kingsmen and Buddy Greene. Sugo also features Grammy and Dove award winners, multi-platinum sellers, and music from some of the most respected artists in the industry today, including Chris Thile, BJ Thomas, and Eminem.

The SMG library is currently distributed to 73 countries, including China, and has been licensed for commercial and promotional use by everyone from The Discovery Channel, Chrysler and National Geographic, to Kraft Foods, Google and IBM.

For more information, go to either or

# # #

Highway 98 Legislation is Nearly Complete! - February 29, 2012

The Highway 98 campaign is nearly complete! In case you haven’t seen the paper, GA State Rep Tommy Benton is about to introduce the legislation that will declare the Commerce-to-Danielsville stretch of GA Hwy 98 as the “Highway 98 by Ricky Fitzpatrick Highway”. How cool. And as you probably know, this is a first, ever, in the state of GA…possibly in the entire Southeast. Very excited!!!

To read about and listen to “Highway 98”, go to And see our latest press release, below.

And don't forget...Highway 98 Fund-Raising activities to begin soon…we’ll have lots of opportunities to be involved! Details, coming! - RF

* * *


“Highway 98” About To Drive Into GA Music History

Georgia is certainly no stranger to making musical history. Being home to a host of famous groups, artists, bands and songwriters like REM, James Brown, Alan Jackson, The Zac Brown Band, Amy Grant and dozens of other household names and artists, Georgia is well above “the curve” in the areas of musical individuals, groups, songs and compositions, production and creation.

The State of GA is preparing to introduce yet another addition to an already rich and legendary musical heritage. Representative Tommy Benton is proposing new legislation in the 2012 Session of the GA General Assembly that would designate a portion of GA Hwy 98 as the “Highway 98” By Ricky Fitzpatrick Highway.

Upon its passing, this would be a first for any roadway, ever, in the state of GA, legislatively recognizing its association with a particular song. No song has ever received such an honor in Georgia’s 280 year history.

“Highway 98” was written by award-winning artist and songwriter, and GA native, Ricky Fitzpatrick. It has circulated throughout the local and extended music community for the last several years, winning awards, gaining popularity and eventually becoming the fan-acknowledged (although “unofficial”) song of GA Hwy 98. 

“It seems like lately, everything is clicking”, says Fitzpatrick. “And it’s very humbling to see this happening. God has been particularly gracious to me when it comes to music. I look around today and find myself in the company of some of the most amazing songwriters in the world, all GA boys…people like Hoagy Carmichael. Johnny Mercer. Alan Jackson. Michael Stipe. It’s a dream that just keeps coming true.”

The Georgia General Assembly is currently in session and according to Rep Benton, the resolution should be presented shortly. Results should be available, shortly after that, with the bill becoming a part of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, this coming July.

Fitzpatrick and a number of fans will now begin preparing fund-raising activities to help defer the cost of sign purchases and installation (the State doesn’t pay for that), which presently totals an estimated $1500. Individuals or business owners who want to sponsor part of the purchase can contact him for details at

Rep. Benton can be reached with input on the proposal by phone at 706-367-5891 (home) or 404-656-0213 (office), or 404-657-7752 (fax); or by e-mail at

And for additional updates and for more on the music of Ricky Fitzpatrick and “Highway 98”, go to

# # #

Garden Smart - July 6, 2011

Wanted to share our most recent press release regarding the very cool news that Dry Pond Road appeared on the Barnsley Gardens Resort episode of GardenSMART! Enjoy and please spread the word! Thanks!!! - RF



July 6, 2011

Apple Valley (Jefferson), GA


Dry Pond Road Gets National Exposure

Award-winning artist and songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick awoke this past Saturday morning to the sound of music. His own, actually.

One of his recent instrumental songs “Dry Pond Road”, was selected for use as the theme and closing music in GardenSMART one of Public Broadcasting’s longest running, nationally airing programs.

“We got up, turned on the TV and there it was…it was so surreal” he says. “We knew the song had been picked for use, but actually watching the show on TV and hearing it play on-air, it was just amazing. Very cool and definitely one of my musical high points.”

The song, a track from Fitzpatrick’s forthcoming CD “Down Home In the Promised Land”, is rustic Appalachian Folk played on one solo guitar. It was featured at the beginning and end of the Barnsley Gardens Resort episode of the weekly program.

“Since the show aired, online activity on that song has skyrocketed” says Fitzpatrick. “It’s amazing how many people have become interested in it because of hearing it on their TV.”

GardenSMART is currently in its 13th season, making it one of the longest running and most watched programs on Public Broadcasting. It airs at various times around the U.S., on over 170 different PBS stations, everywhere from New York to California and Georgia to Hawaii.

Ricky lives, records (and occasionally gardens) with his family in the rural community of Apple Valley (unincorporated), GA, and also leads worship services at Corner-stone Church in Jefferson.

For more information on GardenSMART, visit them at

And for more information on “Dry Pond Road” and Ricky Fitzpatrick, please visit

# # #

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Space Shuttle Wake-Up Song - November 10, 2010

November 10, 2010
Space Shuttle Mission Wake-up Songs: Singer-Songwriter Taking His Music to New Heights
Award-winning Christian and Folk singer-songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick has been creating “unforgettable songs that coolly straddle the fence between Folk & Country” in and around the Southeast for over two decades. Critics and fans have called him “the next James Taylor” and “a Southernized Bob Dylan” with a voice “as smooth as moonshine”.
His musical career spans pop, rock, country, folk and Christian genres, with performances everywhere from “Live at the Apollo” to The Bluebird Café. And fans of Fitzpatrick are no strangers to his broad reach when it comes to crossing genre, style and culture barriers. Although known mostly for his acoustic stylings, he’s constantly seeking out new and unexpected opportunities to compose or perform.
That may include anything from traditional choral arrangements, Gregorian chants, Gospel standards, driving rock, quirky jingles or Grammy-winning New Age instrumentals.
But his latest adventure is really out of this world. No, really…it’s literally “out of this world”.
As NASA winds down the Space Shuttle program, we look ahead to the final launch of the final shuttle (Endeavour), in late February 2011. And as part of the final hoopla, NASA is selecting wake-up songs for the astronauts from public submissions.
Fitzpatrick has composed an instrumental Pop Fusion song entitled “Morning Endeavour” which will be considered for use during that final mission.
NASA Officials will narrow their possible choices to a small field and allow public voting to determine the final song selections, early February 2011.
To listen to and even download a free version of “Morning Endeavour” go to and click on the NASA/Space Shuttle banner.
Ricky Fitzpatrick lives, records and occasionally gardens, in the tiny community of Apple Valley (unincorporated), GA with his wife, children and one remaining goldfish, Vince Gills.
# # #

Acoustically Christmas CD - August 27, 2010

What the world needs is yet another “acoustic” Christmas CD. Right?

But if your Holiday heart is yearning for the unplugged sounds of the acoustic guitar, plucked harmonics, lush fingerpicking, and mellow solo and ensemble vocals…unencumbered by the distractions of synthesizers, electric guitars and full-blown orchestral arrangements…then your wait may be over.

“Acoustically Christmas” is a genuinely acoustic collection of classic Christmas selections of faith, tastefully arranged and recorded to give you and yours, year after year of timeless Seasonal soundtracking.

A collection of music from award-winning, Folk & Country singer-songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick, “Acoustically Christmas” marks the high point in his career, captivating fans around the world with his relaxing guitar and a mellow baritone that’s sure to warm you when the December temperatures begin to drop.

"It’s my prayer that God won't see me in these recordings. But that He'll look at me and my choices and my offering, through the blood of Christ, and find me worthy to stand and sing these songs, having Him and His purpose in mind", says Fitzpatrick. "And that my foolish shortcomings of the past year won’t hinder the awesome power of His great mercy and enduring love, as people hear me singing of Him in this music."

Fresh arrangements of songs like “Little Drummer Boy” will wow you as Fitzpatrick coaxes perfectly played drum & percussion sounds from nothing less than, his guitar. The haunting acapella “O’ Come Emmanuel” is chilling in its majesty as you hear layer upon layer of voice upon voice. And visions of James Taylor arise like an old friend, in renditions of “It Came Upon A Midnight Clear” and “The First Noel”.

Please go to to listen to a sample of “What Child Is This”, and learn how to order “Acoustically Christmas” online today, with no payment until the official street date of November 5.

Hear for yourself and bring home “Acoustically Christmas” for you, or as a gift for someone special. And have a very Merry Christmas!



Tis the Season - August 20, 2010

Just wanted to let everyone know that plans are working for the new, upcoming Christmas CD, probably to be titled "Acoustically Christmas". This project is destined to be a collection of acoustically treated Christmas that we all know and love and have heard and sung a billion times! "Christmas standards".

My hope is that these will be great additions to families' Holiday activities, either around the house, at church, in the car or wherever you have Christmas stuff happening.

"What Child Is This", one of the cuts is already up on the music page ( I hope everyone is able to go check it out and give me a pre-release report. :)

I'll be recording the CD in The Junk Room studio at our home in Apple Valley and stretching my legs as I wade a little deeper into the mastering process. For the most part, it will continue to be me on all the vocals and instrumentation. But there will be a few special guests here and there (that's all I have to say about that).

And we'll be releasing it around mid to late October. Digitally, it will be in all the big spots...CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody and so on. Physical CD sales, which are becoming more and more overshadowed by MP3s, will be handled directly through me. More on that, coming up though.

Not much else to report yet, but stay tuned and I'll be sure to pass along all new developments as they happen.



Guitar Meditations Vol 3 is a Top Ten! - August 4, 2010

Great news!

Not much has been said recently about the Soulfood Music CD that I’ve been so privileged to have songs on. But I just saw that "Guitar Meditations Vol. 3" is in the TOP TEN on Echoes…a nationally syndicated radio program! Now THAT is awesome!

For a list of one of the 130 stations, nationwide, that play Echoes in your area, go to

And check out GM3 if you haven’t yet at (I’m tracks 4 and 10).

Thanks!- RF

Down By the Water's Edge - Press Release - April 28, 2010


May 15, 2010


Georgia Supergroup of Country, Bluegrass and Christian Artists to Record Hurricane Shoals Song


Jefferson, GA – Hurricane Shoals Park is a North Georgia landmark for the people in and around Jackson, Banks and Madison Counties and beyond. For decades, parents and children alike have trekked to the unique spot where the cold waters of the North Oconee River run fast and shallow over vast expanses of exposed granite.


The park is also home to the historic Heritage Village, a working grist mill, one of the few remaining covered bridges in the state, the annual Art in the Park festival, an outdoor amphitheatre and a variety of picnic and play areas available for play, relaxation and special events like weddings, parties and family reunions.


It’s no secret to the music loving public and industry, that North Georgia has always been a hotbed of musical talent. Countless award-winning artists have emerged from the foothills of the North GA mountains area, dozens continuing on the become staples and even legends in popular music.


It is that well-known and respected, collective pool of musical talent that is responsible for the Down By the Waters Edge fund raising project, aimed at raising funds for the park’s never-ending laundry list of additions, upkeep, maintenance, repairs and day to day activities.


In true small-town, Southern fashion, a veritable Supergroup of successful musicians from the Country, Bluegrass and Christian genres, and all who hail from the North Georgia area, are joining artistic forces this Summer, to record a song that they will donate to the Hurricane Shoals Park.


“Down By the Water’s Edge”, a song written specifically for the project by Christian Folk artist and songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick, will be recorded this Spring and made available for sale to the public, this Fall.


The song will feature guest vocals and instrumental work from an All-Star artist roster that is slated to include Fitzpatrick, Mark Garrison & the members of Bluebilly Grit, Wayne Baird, Dustin Wilkes, T. Graham Brown and John Berry. And according to Fitzpatrick, who is also organizing the entire project, “We have other artists on the list who just haven’t thrown-in yet, so I expect a couple more surprise additions before it’s all said and done.”


The recording expertise and studio time is also being donated by producer and studio owner Lee Davis at Lee Davis Studios in Maysville, GA. Davis who has produced more than 50 independent albums and worked with everyone from Corey Smith and John Berry to Joe Diffie and Billy Dean, will be recording and producing the project.


The song will be debuted September 17 at the annual Art in the Park festival, held in the Hurricane Shoals Park. At that time, Fitzpatrick will officially present the members of the Tumbling Waters Society (the non-profit fund raising arm for the park) with the song, and with 100% of its publishing rights, so they may collect royalties on its sale and use “in perpetuity”, he says. “We want every penny of the money raised by this song to go directly to the park and its activities.”


“Down By the Water’s Edge” will be available September 10, 2010 as a digital download via iTunes, and other reputable digital retailers. Information on the song or on other means of purchasing the song, can be found on the Down By the Water’s Edge Facebook page at


# # #

Living Jackson Magazine; The Jackson County Sound Part II - April 5, 2010

An excerpt from the Living Jackson magazine article, The Jackson County Sound, Part II of II.

Story by Jaclyn Weldon White


Now we come to the

second and final installment—

or shall we say the

final verse—of the Jackson

County Sound series in

Living Jackson.



Ricky Fitzpatrick has been

performing professionally

for about 20 years. The

musician, who lives with his family in

Apple Valley, started out playing the

guitar and singing popular songs of the

day in Athens bars and clubs.


“All the songs people love to drink

to,” he said with a smile.


He always considered his style to be

folk, but just about everyone seemed to

think of him as a country singer.

“It’s because I talk with such a

at Southern drawl,” he said.


But Fitzpatrick wasn’t satisfied just

covering other people’s songs. More

and more he crafted his own compositions,

many of which were about life,

people and places in and around Jackson

and Madison counties.


When he began performing it, his

own work was well received, not only

locally, but around the country. He

even performed at New York’s Apollo

Theater. Soon afterwards, Fitzpatrick

decided that he’d only perform his

own music. The decision was met with

mixed reactions. It wasn’t popular in

the bar scene, but he soon found new

audiences in coffee houses, libraries

and bookstores.


In 2009 Fitzpatrick decided to re

cord a gospel CD, taking a collection of

gospel songs and hymns and recording

them in his own folk-influenced style.


It wasn’t a big stretch for a man who’d

actually studied for the ministry in his

youth, but he freely admits the move

was originally based on business. He

knew that the Christian market was a

prosperous one. However, the acceptance

of his new work was overwhelming

and what started as a business

decision rapidly became a life-changing



“A few months ago,” he said, “I

announced I’ll only be doing Christian

material from here out.”


Fitzpatrick is one of the founders of

The Healing Power of Music, a group of

over 300 musicians—including James

Taylor, Amy Grant and the Imagination

Movers—who take the gift of live

musical performances to hospitals and

nursing homes.


He has a new CD in the works and

appearances scheduled in bookstores,

libraries and at area Relays for Life this

spring. In the fall, he’ll be appearing at

Art in the Park where he’ll donate his

song “Hurricane Shoals” to the Tumbling

Waters Society.




The Jackson County Sound concludes

with this installment. In the

words of an old-time song, however,

“ … the melody lingers on,” and there

will be more music in this magazine.

Let the editor know if there are other

Jackson County musicians who should

be featured.



Jaclyn Weldon White is the author of

a number of fiction, nonfiction and

children’s books who resides in Hoschton

with her husband Carl.

(The remainder of this article, photos and credits can all be enjoyed for FREE by picking up a copy of Living Jackson magazine at one of any number of local businesses.

For more information on Living Jackson magazine and/or the availability of this issue (April 2010), you can call their offices at 706-367-7761.

Atlanta Live on WATC Channel 57 - April 5, 2010

Just a quick reminder to please tune into WATC Channel 57 out of Atlanta, GA, tomorrow (Tuesday) from 7-9PM. I’ll be the musical guest on the Atlanta Live show that evening (and the following morning), so please come worship with us, on air!

And for station or channel info, or for more on the Atlanta Live show, check them out at

Please pass the word!

In Christ,


Ricky endorses Martin! Press release... - March 10, 2010



Jefferson, GA - One of the most revered names in music to any guitarist, amateur or virtuoso, is without question, Martin guitars.

C. F. Martin and Co. is arguably the most prominent brand in the world for acoustic guitars, with an endorsing artist family that includes Eric Clapton, Jimmy Buffett, Arlo Guthrie, Merle Haggard, John Mayer, Sting and dozens of other musical legends and household names.

March 2010 marks the addition of Martin’s latest endorsing artist, Folk & Christian singer/songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick.

“This is undoubtedly a high point in my musical career”, he comments. “I’ve used Martin products for many, many years and am extremely humbled and proud to be associated with them as an artist this way.”

Critics have long hailed Fitzpatrick as "the next James Taylor", with a voice that's "as smooth as moonshine".  But he is best known locally, for his narrative Folk songs about the area. Songs like “Pocataligo”, “Jot ‘Em Down” and “Highway 98” have established him and his writings as a fixture for lovers of local music and nostalgia.

His musical career spans over 20 years, in pop, rock, country, folk and Christian genres, performances from “Live at the Apollo” to The Bluebird Café, and over a dozen industry awards for vocal performance and songwriting. He’s also recently celebrated two Number One downloads in the UK, was named as one of the Top Ten Folk artists on Myspace and was chosen as the 2008 GMIA Writer Relations Director for the State of GA.

In addition to his own musical work, Ricky also runs two of his own record labels (F2 Records and RFM Music Group), posts regular offerings to his online devotional blog ( and still maintains an active schedule with the charitable organization that he helped to found, The Healing Power of Music.

His latest CD, “Beside Me All Along” is a collection of acoustic, unplugged versions of some of the most timeless inspirational hymns and Holiday songs ever written. Fans of artists like Wes King, Bebo Norman, and of course, James Taylor will find it familiar territory.

For more information on the music of Ricky Fitzpatrick, please visit him online at

# # #

Borders; Less Than One Month Away! - February 23, 2010

The Athens Borders show is already less than a month away…can you believe it? But everything is coming together and it looks like we’re gearing up for a great night.

Even so, please add this show to your list of regular prayers and lift it (and me) up, asking for God’s blessing on the evening. With your prayers and God's hand, I know it will be wonderful!

And please spread the word to your friends and invite them to come too. I’ve been suggesting to a lot of local churches to make a “pre-Sunday night” of it and get a whole group to come. You can do the same thing too…let your pastor, music minister or youth leader know. And tell them to feel free to contact me for details and help.

Thanks again and I can’t wait to see you there! Til then…In Christ,


Moby in the Morning - February 16, 2010

“Emma’s Song” was on the Smalltown Soapbox (Moby in the Morning show) this morning, on WNGC (106.1FM)!!!

Moby has been such a friend and I’m so grateful anytime he plays a song of mine on the air.  I’m about to email him a great big thank you. And if you want to, you can drop him a quick “thanks” too.

Here’s his contact info:





And thank YOU!!!


Deut 31:6

Top Ten on ReverbNation! - February 9, 2010

More great news! Logged in today to my ReverbNation site and it looks like I slipped into the TOP TEN spot on ReverbNation charts!!!

Very cool.

ReverbNation has been one of my favorite artist sites for a long, long time. But I never used them much. Lately though, they’re really stepping it up and providing us with some great formats for showcasing our music, shows, press and so on.

Take a sec and check it out at And if you can, become A FAN and RATE A SONG as you listen to it.

Thank you!!! RF

Crucial Music song placements! - February 4, 2010

Several of my songs, including Suite for Hurricane Shoals, Mud Puddles and Barefootin’ It have been selected for licensing distribution by Crucial Music!

Crucial is responsible for absolutely some of the biggest music usage deals in the industry today. Their placements include music in Academy Award winning films such as Brokeback Mountain and A Beautiful Mind. Emmy winning shows such as Six Feet Under, Malcolm in the Middle, The Simpsons, House, and Judging Amy. And national commercials such as Sprint and Verizon.

I couldn’t be more pleased. Stay close for more news as I get it. Til then, thank you for helping to make this possible!!!


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