GHAM - Fall 2010 Vol 1

Gimme Half a Minute update - Fall 2010 Vol 1

Acoustically Christmas CD, 5 weeks from release date. If you haven’t pre-ordered your autographed CD yet, there is still time. Plus all pre-orders get additional free bonus MP3s. to learn more.

Acoustically Christmas cover art getting some big strings. The final version of the Christmas CD cover art has been held tightly under wraps. It will feature a picture of a one-of-a-kind wreath from stringed instrument artists from all over the map! Livingston Taylor (James’ bro), Pete Mulvey, Shawn Mullins, Kerry Livgren (former lead guitarist for Kansas), Michael Card (songwriter, “El Shaddai”), Cosy Sheridan, Will Taylor…it’s a list. Go to to stay in the know and possibly win a string-wreath ornament made from my own strings.

What Child Is This, playing on Divine Authority radio. Northern Ireland's Christian Internet Radio Station, Divine Authority, has the first single from the Christmas CD already in regular rotation. Go to to learn more, to send a request or to listen. Facebook -

The Devotional Blog gets Food Network connection! Mentioned chef Lance Nitahara in the “You’ve Been Chopped” devotion in the Beside Me All Along devo-blog. Little did I know he would discover, read and comment. Very cool. Check it out at  

John Elefante in 2011? John and Dino Elefante are icons as songwriters, artists and producers in Contemporary Christian music. John has always been one of my favorite vocalists and has produced some of the greatest artists today. He’s actually fronting Kansas as their vocalist right now. Cool. Earlier, John gave me the chance to forward some demos to him for review. We are hoping to get in the studio in 2011 with John in the producer’s chair. Stay tuned.

Down By the Water’s Edge is nearly complete! The “Official Song of the Hurricane Shoals park” project has been underway for several months now. We are almost done! T Graham Brown will be adding his vocals as the last piece of this remarkable puzzle. Go to to stay in the loop. Hurricane Shoals site -

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