A new instrumental Number One?

MOST recently, IntoMusic, my main UK music host, has expanded its service and added some additional features AND…a new “instrumental” page for me.

FYI, IntoMusic was responsible for landing me my first Number One download in the UK with an earlier instrumental, “Emma’s Song” (you may remember). And now with this new music page, one of the newest songs, “Mud Puddles” is already heading to what looks like even greater success!

The new instrumental page is at www.intomusic.co.uk/rickyfitzpatrick.

I hope you can go check it out and browse through some of the tracks. Just click Load Preview to listen. And no, you don’t have to be in the UK to use the site!

It’s so exciting…“Mud Puddles” is on its way to becoming a new Number One…and you can help make it a reality by playing it, downloading it (Click FREE DOWNLOAD!) and passing the word on to all your friends. I know you will…so thank you!!!


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