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For Immediate Release - August 2010

North Georgia singer-songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick’s latest song, “Chevrolet”, is becoming an international Country Music phenomenon.

The nostalgic song is “sung” by an aging 1957 Chevrolet, remembering the glory days of dual exhaust, quarter-miles and candy-apple red. And it has the ground rumbling among Country Music, racing and classic car lovers.

Just two short months ago, Fitzpatrick, an “unsigned” Country and Christian singer and songwriter, began a small, one-man campaign to get his song playing on local radio. Almost immediately, it began to grow beyond anything he could have expected.

“I decided to let a few area car clubs know about the song and see if the club officers would tell their members”, he said. “Just to try and build some momentum for it. The response was so overwhelming, I just kept going. And about a week and a half later, I’d contacted about 250 clubs and they had spread the word to over 20,000 members!”

Comments from club members began to flood in, calling the song “Inspired”, “The perfect cruising song”, and one of the nation’s most prominent classic car organizations, The Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club, said “It belongs in every serious Chevy lover’s music collection”.

Reaching out to even more car clubs, NASCAR and racing fans, Chevrolet dealerships, and fans of artists like Alan Jackson, James Taylor and Shawn Mullins, the numbers continued to climb. And yes, first small then larger radio stations across the U.S, Canada, Australia and the UK started to play “Chevrolet”.

Now excitement about the song has grown so much that to-date, it has reached over two million fans…and growing. Sales through online sites like Amazon, Napster and iTunes are surpassing all of Fitzpatrick’s other releases, combined. Even GM’s own Chevrolet division weighed in by emailing:

“It warms our heart to know that you’ve written this song for Chevrolet. Thank you for your incredible talent!”

So what waits down the road (no pun intended) now for “Chevrolet”?

“In light of everything,” says Fitzpatrick, “I’d like to see someone like Alan Jackson record it and really see where else it could go. But beyond that, I’m still just in awe of what has already happened.”

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