Down By the Water's Edge - Press Release


May 15, 2010


Georgia Supergroup of Country, Bluegrass and Christian Artists to Record Hurricane Shoals Song


Jefferson, GA – Hurricane Shoals Park is a North Georgia landmark for the people in and around Jackson, Banks and Madison Counties and beyond. For decades, parents and children alike have trekked to the unique spot where the cold waters of the North Oconee River run fast and shallow over vast expanses of exposed granite.


The park is also home to the historic Heritage Village, a working grist mill, one of the few remaining covered bridges in the state, the annual Art in the Park festival, an outdoor amphitheatre and a variety of picnic and play areas available for play, relaxation and special events like weddings, parties and family reunions.


It’s no secret to the music loving public and industry, that North Georgia has always been a hotbed of musical talent. Countless award-winning artists have emerged from the foothills of the North GA mountains area, dozens continuing on the become staples and even legends in popular music.


It is that well-known and respected, collective pool of musical talent that is responsible for the Down By the Waters Edge fund raising project, aimed at raising funds for the park’s never-ending laundry list of additions, upkeep, maintenance, repairs and day to day activities.


In true small-town, Southern fashion, a veritable Supergroup of successful musicians from the Country, Bluegrass and Christian genres, and all who hail from the North Georgia area, are joining artistic forces this Summer, to record a song that they will donate to the Hurricane Shoals Park.


“Down By the Water’s Edge”, a song written specifically for the project by Christian Folk artist and songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick, will be recorded this Spring and made available for sale to the public, this Fall.


The song will feature guest vocals and instrumental work from an All-Star artist roster that is slated to include Fitzpatrick, Mark Garrison & the members of Bluebilly Grit, Wayne Baird, Dustin Wilkes, T. Graham Brown and John Berry. And according to Fitzpatrick, who is also organizing the entire project, “We have other artists on the list who just haven’t thrown-in yet, so I expect a couple more surprise additions before it’s all said and done.”


The recording expertise and studio time is also being donated by producer and studio owner Lee Davis at Lee Davis Studios in Maysville, GA. Davis who has produced more than 50 independent albums and worked with everyone from Corey Smith and John Berry to Joe Diffie and Billy Dean, will be recording and producing the project.


The song will be debuted September 17 at the annual Art in the Park festival, held in the Hurricane Shoals Park. At that time, Fitzpatrick will officially present the members of the Tumbling Waters Society (the non-profit fund raising arm for the park) with the song, and with 100% of its publishing rights, so they may collect royalties on its sale and use “in perpetuity”, he says. “We want every penny of the money raised by this song to go directly to the park and its activities.”


“Down By the Water’s Edge” will be available September 10, 2010 as a digital download via iTunes, and other reputable digital retailers. Information on the song or on other means of purchasing the song, can be found on the Down By the Water’s Edge Facebook page at


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