That's right. All Ricky Fitz music downloads are now absolutely free.

We’re shifting gears into the exciting world of free music distribution…something that I’ve wanted to do for a very, very long time. And there are two reasons why:

ONE: Simply, the music business is changing and the days of selling music “stuff” is just becoming old-hat. This is the direction the industry MUST go in. Which brings me to the second and much more important reason…

TWO: I believe music is a gift that God has freely given to me (and any artist). And I think it's wrong for me to charge my friends and fans a mandatory amount for the chance to be moved by the fruits of that gift. To me, that’s like charging people to go to church.

Sorry, but I don’t think music (or God) is a commodity that you buy and sell. There are plenty of other ways for musicians to generate income and still share their gifts with the world, freely.

So beginning immediately, all Ricky Fitzpatrick music downloads will be free, along with the chance for you to make a VOLUNTARY contribution, of any amount you wish or have the ability to make. I think that’s how it should be.

Physical CDs that cost me to produce, will still carry a charge, of course. But CD sales at concerts, will fall to the “pay what you can” philosophy. Curious? Come to a show and I’ll explain.

For now (and for downloads), go to either the MUSIC or the INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC pages and click on the SONG NAME to see the download links and the Paypal voluntary contribution buttons.

And thank you for your support! Peace, love and great music!!! Ricky

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