Ricky signs a deal with Eos Music!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, (Jefferson, GA) – Local Songwriter’s Music is Going Down…And Up.

Award-winning Folk and Christian singer/songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick inks a licensing deal this week with the music placement leader and pioneer, Eos Music.

Eos Music is one of several divisions of Applied Media Technologies Corporation and has been an innovator in the use of technology to distribute music to businesses for nearly twenty years. Today, Eos Music makes ground-breaking use of online broadcasting to distribute music, around the world.

Fitzpatrick joins an elite and highly respected roster of songwriters, composers and artists, including Darius Rucker, John Fogerty, Joe Satriani, Bebe Winans to name a few. All artists' songs are cataloged then made available for placement or "licensing" to businesses for use in-store, phone messaging, advertisements, mall music, background music, video-mercials and more.

“It’s elevator music” laughs Fitzpatrick. “Or the music you hear when you’re in say, Ingles or Macy’s or The Olive Garden…and amazingly, all this music is being written, recorded, performed and licensed by someone, somewhere. It’s an enormous part of the music industry and I’m unbelievably fortunate to have been selected to be a part of it by a company like Eos.”

“Ten years ago…heck, two years ago, I’d have made fun of someone who was having their music played in the local shopping mall” he comments. “But today, I realize there’s a whole new world of opportunity to get my music out into thousands of new locations and into the ears of millions of new listeners. Yes, I said “millions”. Who knows where my songs may turn up next.”

“These Eos songs will be very different from what I’m currently known for doing” he adds. “Most folks don’t know that I’ve experimented with various instrumental pieces for many years, and in a wide range of genres. I’m not “becoming” an instrumental artist now, but it’s another facet of what I do. And it’s amazing to think that Eos is interested in picking up my previously private collection of jazz, rock, blues, bluegrass and classical pieces and distributing it. It’s fantastic!”

Fitzpatrick has already enjoyed a long-running musical career, spanning over 20 years in the Folk and recently, Christian genres, as an award-winning performer, songwriter and vocalist, industry mentor, label administrator and founder of the charitable group The Healing Power of Music. But he’s best known for his original and personal songs about life, people and places, in and around Jackson and Madison Counties, Georgia. Songs like “Highway 98”, “Pocataligo” and “Jot ‘Em Down” have become an integral part of the local culture and music collections of the residents.

Ricky Fitzpatrick writes, records, lives and occasionally grows tomatoes with his wife, children and goldfish in Apple Valley. For current updates on his music, please visit him at www.rickyfitzpatrick.com.

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