Five On The Five intro

Several years ago, I read a piece by Tony Robbins (yes, I’m a fan) that encouraged me to start reaching out to and interviewing personal heroes, famous personalities, politicians, business people, etc. with the goal of personal inspiration and encouragement from these people who have found various levels of success in their lives and careers. So you could say, Five On the Five has become sort of my personal vehicle for briefly getting between the ears of the people whom I admire.

Over the years, I've chatted with dozens of politicians, CEOs, ministers, entertainers, authors, educators, and a host of personally and "more publicly-known" personalities. And they've all been a gift of insight and inspiration, equally motivating me, regardless of the interviewee's industry, region or social standing.

Each FOTF is a quick and simple vignette, but deep enough to still cut through the veneer and encourage us to grow and dream. These interviews have been some of the best things I’ve ever done, and it’s my pleasure and privilege to make some of them public, here. FOTF posts can be found at the EduBlog site and here as well.

Read! Enjoy! And be inspired!


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