Highway 98 Legislation is Nearly Complete!

The Highway 98 campaign is nearly complete! In case you haven’t seen the paper, GA State Rep Tommy Benton is about to introduce the legislation that will declare the Commerce-to-Danielsville stretch of GA Hwy 98 as the “Highway 98 by Ricky Fitzpatrick Highway”. How cool. And as you probably know, this is a first, ever, in the state of GA…possibly in the entire Southeast. Very excited!!!

To read about and listen to “Highway 98”, go to http://www.rickyfitzpatrick.com/music-52.html. And see our latest press release, below.

And don't forget...Highway 98 Fund-Raising activities to begin soon…we’ll have lots of opportunities to be involved! Details, coming! - RF

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“Highway 98” About To Drive Into GA Music History

Georgia is certainly no stranger to making musical history. Being home to a host of famous groups, artists, bands and songwriters like REM, James Brown, Alan Jackson, The Zac Brown Band, Amy Grant and dozens of other household names and artists, Georgia is well above “the curve” in the areas of musical individuals, groups, songs and compositions, production and creation.

The State of GA is preparing to introduce yet another addition to an already rich and legendary musical heritage. Representative Tommy Benton is proposing new legislation in the 2012 Session of the GA General Assembly that would designate a portion of GA Hwy 98 as the “Highway 98” By Ricky Fitzpatrick Highway.

Upon its passing, this would be a first for any roadway, ever, in the state of GA, legislatively recognizing its association with a particular song. No song has ever received such an honor in Georgia’s 280 year history.

“Highway 98” was written by award-winning artist and songwriter, and GA native, Ricky Fitzpatrick. It has circulated throughout the local and extended music community for the last several years, winning awards, gaining popularity and eventually becoming the fan-acknowledged (although “unofficial”) song of GA Hwy 98. 

“It seems like lately, everything is clicking”, says Fitzpatrick. “And it’s very humbling to see this happening. God has been particularly gracious to me when it comes to music. I look around today and find myself in the company of some of the most amazing songwriters in the world, all GA boys…people like Hoagy Carmichael. Johnny Mercer. Alan Jackson. Michael Stipe. It’s a dream that just keeps coming true.”

The Georgia General Assembly is currently in session and according to Rep Benton, the resolution should be presented shortly. Results should be available, shortly after that, with the bill becoming a part of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, this coming July.

Fitzpatrick and a number of fans will now begin preparing fund-raising activities to help defer the cost of sign purchases and installation (the State doesn’t pay for that), which presently totals an estimated $1500. Individuals or business owners who want to sponsor part of the purchase can contact him for details at ricky@rickyfitzpatrick.com.

Rep. Benton can be reached with input on the proposal by phone at 706-367-5891 (home) or 404-656-0213 (office), or 404-657-7752 (fax); or by e-mail at tommy.benton@house.ga.gov.

And for additional updates and for more on the music of Ricky Fitzpatrick and “Highway 98”, go to www.rickyfitzpatrick.com.

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