Studio Session, done.

Went back to the studio last night at Radium. Ah. It was nice. I get nervous and relaxed all at the same time, going in to record. Cretia was there with me, making me laugh and snapping pix (watch for those soon). She got some really good shots of the grand piano there in the small room where I recorded. I can’t wait til you guys see that shot! We finally got Ballad of Billy the Kid and Emma’s Song down on tape. Down n dirty…pretty much straight takes. Unusual for me, but that’s definitely the way I like it. I didn’t want to tweak these too much because I want people to know what it’s like to hear me…mmm…undoctored. I think we succeeded in these. Check out the clips on the MUSIC page and make sure to get your copy of Peckerhead, which will have them in their entirety. Later…R.

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