The Sugo Music Distribution Deal!

Our latest release regrarding the very exciting exclusive digital distribution deal with the amazing Sugo Music Group. Some of the best news we could have ever gotten! :) Sugo will be handling digital distribution for my entire catalog of music from now (and the future), back through over 20 years of writing and recording. PLUS, they'll be pursuing licensing opportunities for me in film, TV, and other commercial uses. Couldn't ask for greater news! - RF

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Ricky Fitzpatrick Signs Deal With Sugo Music Group

Award-winning artist and songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick and music distribution superpower Sugo Music Group, join forces as Fitzpatrick signs an Exclusive Distribution Deal. The partnership encompasses Fitzpatrick’s entire back catalog of hundreds of songs, and unprecedented distribution into thousands of locations, around the globe.

Fitzpatrick has been long hailed as “a Southernized Bob Dylan” and “the next James Taylor” with “a voice as smooth as moonshine”. His career as an artist and songwriter spans more than 20 years, where he’s become known for crafting simple but unforgettable songs that coolly straddle the fence between Folk & Country.

His career spans pop, rock, country, folk, new age and Christian genres, with performances everywhere from “Live at the Apollo” to the legendary Bluebird Café. He’s also celebrated two Number One downloads, is one of the top five most downloaded ringtone artists ever on, and was recently selected as an endorsing artist for C.F. Martin & Co, G7th Capos, and Dunlop Accessories.

Today, Ricky also leads worship at his home congregation of Corner-Stone Baptist Church (Jefferson, GA), posts regular offerings to his online devotional blog, and still maintains an active schedule with the charitable organization that he helped to found, The Healing Power of Music.

The Sugo Music Group archive embodies over 10,000 songs, hundreds of artists & labels, and 27 years of recording, licensing & distribution excellence. They've traveled the world to discover some of the most inspirational artists of our time such as Sandy Patti, The Kingsmen and Buddy Greene. Sugo also features Grammy and Dove award winners, multi-platinum sellers, and music from some of the most respected artists in the industry today, including Chris Thile, BJ Thomas, and Eminem.

The SMG library is currently distributed to 73 countries, including China, and has been licensed for commercial and promotional use by everyone from The Discovery Channel, Chrysler and National Geographic, to Kraft Foods, Google and IBM.

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