1. I Serve

From the recording I Serve


Not too very long ago, some friends of ours at Corner-Stone Church, Jeff and Sherry Grant, co-began a ministry work along with Jason and Kristen Ellis, called iServe. Since that time, they’ve been driven, tireless and incredibly effective in reaching out to people and families in our area who are in need, and in sharing the love of Christ. I cannot say enough good about this ministry. But their website does a much more eloquent job of telling the story, over at http://www.iserveministries.com/. You owe it to yourself to check them out.
In light of all that iServe has been doing, I really felt strongly compelled to write a song, also called “I Serve”. I didn’t intentionally plan that the two should
The basic idea behind “I Serve” was always to sing about how and why we serve our King. To write about the fact the limitless and overflowing love of God should be spilling over from us to the world we live in. To sing of serving Him, in the context of things like feeding the hungry and comforting the hurting. And to specifically talk about God’s Mercy and compassionand Grace. link, but I think it’s becoming something of that. Very cool, IMO. :) And if that’s the case, then I’m thrilled to contribute something to their work. They’re inspiring!
Because that’s what it all comes down to, isn’t it? Grace. Amazing Grace.

How can we call ourselves Christians and children of God, who showers His Grace upon us, unless we’re moved to compassion and love for those around us?
I hope this song reaches to a place in you that will push you into ways of serving the Lord, that you might never have thought of. Just the idea of serving Him…I pray it gets the wheels turning for you. I pray it breaks 
And if you need help getting started, get in touch with iServe Ministries…they’ll give you plenty to do! :)your heart and you find the desire to reach out to a soul in need…to “the least of these”.
Serve Him with gladness! FIC…Ricky


----------------------------------I Serve Intro – Em G D C (2X) Verse 1Unto the hurting and hopeless He calls Em GOffering love without measure. D CInto the hearts of the helpless He comes Em GRescuing those who are lost. D C PCWater for all who thirst Em D/F#Treasure of boundless worth. C D D/F# ChorusSo I serve, the Lord of creation. G G6And I serve, the King of the nations. D/F#We take His peace C ~To the least of these. Am ~ C DAnd I serve the Author of mercy. G G6And I serve the only God worthy D/F#Of all my praise. C ~For the cause of Grace… Am ~ C DI serve. Em (G after 2nd time) Verse 2Come to the table, all hungry and suff’ring. Em GCome to the feast of the Lamb. D CThere is abundance and joy never-ending Em GFound in His favor, unequalled. D C PC2We are His hands and feet Em D/F#Unto the soul in need. C D D/F# Chorus Break (G G6 D/F# C Am ~ C D) Chorus  Words & Music by Ricky Fitzpatrick. © 2013 Our Apple Valley Home Songs. Published, 2013 by Pitch A Fitz Music Publishing (BMI). All rights reserved.