1. Mr. Blackbird

From the recording Mr. Blackbird

Another one of mine and Jude's songs. As I've mentioned before, we routinely make up songs around the house or in the truck...and that's our way of being creative and relating to things Jude is familiar with.
"Mr. Blackbird" was just something we made up one morning on the way to school, after seeing a bunch of blackbirds on the power lines out on B. Wilson Road in Commerce.
Jude is being shy on this recording, but you can still hear him in spots. Maybe a future "unannounced" recording will capture him really belting it out like he does when he doesn't know anyone's listening. :)
I enjoyed recording it though. Very fun to play, and I love the blues progression and the turn-around. The slide guitar, BTW, was done with an old drinking glass (a jar, actually). :) I couldn't find my slide, and I figured "Who's gonna ever know?" So down came an old jelly jar and we started recording. I think it came out fairly decent though.
The rest is just my acoustic, some bass and some "drumming" on the back of my guitar for a little extra kick.
Hope you enjoy! (And be sure to tell Jude you heard this when you see him!)


O, Mr. Blackbird, sittin' on a power line...
O, Mr. Blackbird, sittin' on a power line...
O, Mr. Blackbird, sittin' on a power line...
You ain't got no song, would you be a friend of mine.
Old Mr. Blackbird, sittin' on a power line,
Right in the middle of the day,
Said "Mr. Bluebird, I'm gonna spread my
Wings and Fly away."