From the recording Talkin' 'Bout My Feet

Wanted to post this demo of a brand-new song that I've been working on, for the kids. Jude is quite interested in his feet, for now...hard to keep his shoes on (among other things) when we're out and about.
Version 2.0 will have the kids singing on here with me, but I wanted to go on and post this, now, and start getting everyone's feedback on it. Jude is already singing along. Emma hasn't heard it yet. And honestly...I like it. With all humility, I think it feels a goofy kind of way.
As with a lot of these kid's songs, the hardest part for me, is to not laugh during the recording process. When I'm sitting there singing harmonies as seriously as possible "Talkin' 'bout my feeeeeeet"'s a real job, not to laugh at myself.
Ah, the things we do as parents! :)
Hope you enjoy and will share with your kids. And please, let me know if you or your school wants to use this or any of our fun songs, with a group or class. I'll help you put something together or come do a sing-along with everyone.