1. The ABC Song

From the recording The ABC Song

As a musician, one of the coolest things I get to do is make music with my kids. In a time when I'm looking around, wondering why I can't be a good dad or why I'm not making the memories that my folks made with me, I can at least know that the times we sit down behind the microphone, we are making memories that I believe will last a very, very long time. Hopefully, some that my kids will cherish and pass on to their own children...maybe even do the same with them one day.
This is obviously The ABC Song. And if you don't know this one then chances are you wouldn't be reading this... :)
Jude is two, at this time, and learning something new every day. Lately, he's very proud of learning his ABCs. And of course we are too.
If you've been around here for very long then you know that we periodically write and record little songs. And even though we didn't write this one, it went without saying that we would record it.
So this is Jude with me backing him up on guitar and vocals. But it's mainly him. And I'll tell you, he was fit to be tied when I let him sing into that microphone. If you're wondering how much he enjoyed this...it was a lot. A lot, a lot.
So smile as you listen, and we hope you enjoy it too. :)