From the recording The Backhoe Song

In case you don’t know, Jude is two and is obsessed with backhoes. Seriously…I mean, obsessed. If we’re riding down the road and he sees a backhoe, it will scare you to death if you aren’t prepared for the screaming and yelling “Backhoe! Backhoe, daddy! Backhoe diggin’!”
So, it was only natural for us to write a Backhoe song.
Typically, I’m taking Jude to “school” (aka, daycare) in my old truck (another obsession of his), and we usually sing songs as we make the trip. And sometimes, we make up our own songs. So we made up this little tune with a Jamaican kind of feel, about backhoes.
I know, Jamaica…backhoes…they don’t really go together. But who cares?! Jude loves the song, it’s fun to sing, and to be honest, it’s really cool to see him digging (no pun intended) music so much.
Enjoy. :)
- RF


The Backhoe Song
Verse 1
When I’ve got dirt to move…
When I’ve got a hole to dig…
I use my backhoe. My backhoe.
Verse 2 
When I’ve got a ditch to make…
When I’ve got a trench to fill…
I use my backhoe. My backhoe.
Oh…oh…my backhoe. My backhoe.
Oh…oh…my backhoe. My backhoe.
<repeat all>