Been working for the last several days on an instrumental piece that Corner-Stone Baptist Church can use for their intro spots...sort of like a TV show's theme song. :) We'll call this little 35-second tune Corner-Stone Melody.
My original plan involved the featuring of a piano as the prominent instrument, and have that carry the melody. A few synth pads and a little light drumming. But many times, when you're "fiddling", things will just happen. Something clicks and things begin to fall into place...hard to explain.
But for me, that's what happened here. The piano app I was planning on using, was just not working. And I had it in my head to record SOMETHING, and the acoustic guitar wound up really pulling off a nice vibe to this.
It's similar to some of the other ministry music being used today, but nixing the piano, I think really sets it apart as something a little different. (I hope, anyway!)
It'll never be a hit single (LOL) but I still hope you enjoy it. And if you do hear this sometime down the road...you'll know something from Corner-Stone is about to come on! :)
Have a great day!