1. Green In LA

From the recording Green In LA


Green In LA Verse OneI said Mama, I’m goin’It’s way past timeTo spread my wings and take to the sky.She kissed my cheek and said goodbyeAs I drove away.Six weeks, four daysOut here on the coast,In a 2-room flat and living on toast.And I hate to admit it but I’m giving up hopeAnd feeling so out of place. BridgeAnd I’ll lay down my headAt the end of the dayAnd dream a simple dream about Georgia,A million miles away.ChorusWell it’s a concrete jungle with neon lights.You know the bars out here stay open all night.And I’m out here all alone.Oh, mama I want to come home.If it’s a city of angels then I can’t tell.I ain’t seen no heaven but I feel like hell.And I’m trying to find my feet,And withering away in the heatAnd feeling green in L.A. Verse TwoWell it’s a fight sometimesWhen you follow your dreams.Either way I turn, I’m still torn betweenThose stars in my eyes and a thousand thingsBack home.There ain’t a dirt road, pineOr a farm to be found.I just stare at the people and wander around,And play my songs and pray for the crowdsTo sing along. Bridge 2And I’ll lay down my headAnd close my eyes.California dreamingAbout the life I left behind. Chorus