1. The Old Truck

From the recording The Old Truck


We recorded this with Emma the other day...she was so excited. And I was so proud. It’s one of the many silly songs we write around the house and when we're out and about. So we thought we’d start recording them.
“The Old Truck” is something we wrote, honestly, to take the shame out of riding around in my old pick up truck. It’s just an old clunker, but we roll the windows down, sing this song and it’s like we’re in Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang or something.
And yes, that's Emma doing all the voices in the "kids’ chorus". :) She was such a trooper…she did at least 8 takes! Now she thinks she’s REALLY Taylor Swift!
And what do you know, "Kid Radio" is playing "The Old Truck" for its discriminating demographic of listeners...kids ages 0-11! KPR's (Kid Public Radio) program Pipsqueaks now has "The Old Truck" in regular rotation. Please click the banner below to tune in online to listen and to make a request.
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We're riding down the road in the old truck.
Riding down the road in the old truck.
Flying like a rocketship,
Sailing like a pirate ship,
In the old truck, riding down the road.