From the recording This Year's Valentine

I joke and say "It's amazing what a poor man will come up with when it's time to give a gift", but we both know that's not why I wrote this song.
For Valentine's Day 2014, I really wanted to give Cretia something unique. Something that she'd know I didn't just go buy in a store. And that particular idea, for the gift and the content, is what evolved into this song.
Granted, there's nothing totally unique about my writing a song for my wife. But the words of the song are specifically, us. Lots of little things in there that may just seem like a rhyme or twist of a phrase to you, but to us, it has a deeper story.
My life has been uncommonly blessed with an amazing woman, and I cannot express my feelings for her, in a way that does her justice. But I'll keep trying. :)
BTW, I think she liked the song, and the idea here. So this year's Valentine's Day was a thumbs up! Hope everyone who hears this, will be compelled to tell the one you love, how much they mean to you, in many times and ways.
Happy Valentines Day!


This Year’s Valentine Verse 1I remember when I stole a kissAnd you looked up and me and smiled.But looking back on all this craziness,I know, I haven’t kissed you in a while. Pre-ChorusO life moves on.It’s all but gone.And there in the blink of an eye,The years have passed;Slipped by so fast.And I’ve been wond’ring why… Chorus 1This year’s ValentineCouldn’t be moreThan a card from a store.I’ll sing my love in rhyme,And write you a songFor this year’s Valentine. Verse 2I was thinking you could sing alongIn two-part harmony.Meant-to-be lovers in a tender songMake for the sweetest melodies. Pre-Chorus 2I need a brand-new way,A new cliché,To try to show you how I feel.I’ll put it all in verseAnd every wordWill say “I love you, still”. (‘Cause…) Chorus 2This year’s ValentineOught to be moreThan a gift from a store.I’ll sing my love in rhyme,And write you a songFor this year’s Valentine.