FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Space Shuttle Wake-Up Song

November 10, 2010
*Taking His Music to New Heights*
Award-winning Christian and Folk singer-songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick has been creating “unforgettable songs that coolly straddle the fence between Folk & Country” in and around the Southeast for over two decades. Critics and fans have called him “the next James Taylor” and “a Southernized Bob Dylan” with a voice “as smooth as moonshine”.
His musical career spans pop, rock, country, folk and Christian genres, with performances everywhere from “Live at the Apollo” to The Bluebird Café. And fans of Fitzpatrick are no strangers to his broad reach when it comes to crossing genre, style and culture barriers. Although known mostly for his acoustic stylings, he’s constantly seeking out new and unexpected opportunities to compose or perform.
That may include anything from traditional choral arrangements, Gregorian chants, Gospel standards, driving rock, quirky jingles or Grammy-winning New Age instrumentals.
But his latest adventure is really out of this world. No, really…it’s literally “out of this world”.
As NASA winds down the Space Shuttle program, we look ahead to the final launch of the final shuttle (Endeavour), in late February 2011. And as part of the final hoopla, NASA is selecting wake-up songs for the astronauts from public submissions.
Fitzpatrick has composed an instrumental Pop Fusion song entitled “Morning Endeavour” which will be considered for use during that final mission.
NASA Officials will narrow their possible choices to a small field and allow public voting to determine the final song selections, early February 2011.
To listen to and even download a free version of “Morning Endeavour” go to and click on the NASA/Space Shuttle banner.
Ricky Fitzpatrick lives, records and occasionally gardens, in the tiny community of Apple Valley (unincorporated), GA with his wife, children and one remaining goldfish, Vince Gills.
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