“Bicycle” Quotes Rachel S (ShoutOut) - I love it!! The only comment I can make is that I wanted it to go longer because I was enjoying it so much. Funky Kids Radio (AUS) - That's the way we roll!! Awesome vibe. Schwinn Bicycles – What a fun tune! Adding this to our Summer Soundtrack tab on Spotify. Kids Can Groove Radio - Definitely the funkiest bicycle song I've ever heard! Suzi Shelton (children’s singer/songwriter) – What a great tune! American Vintage Bicycle – What a great song! Awesome! BikeCommuters.com – If we had a theme song, it would be this! Hoosier’s Bicycle Club – How cool! Sharing this with all our members. The Muse’s Muse – Out of sight! Placio S (ShoutOut) – What a great groove and soulful voice. Chaz I (ShoutOut) – Terrific!! This will appeal to kids AND adults. Florida Bicycle Association – A totally cute song! I Can Do It By Myself" Quotes Bryan Duncan (Award-winning Christian artist) – Very cool and funky too! Like the Staple Singers…Respect Yo Self!  Paige A. (ShoutOut) - How much do I love this song? I'm thinking about having another child just so they can enjoy it! Funky Kids Radio – Great vibe and message. We love it! The Imagination Movers – We love your backup singer! :) Tot’s Radio – Love it! KIDJAM Radio – Thanks for sharing! Donna E. (ShoutOut) – This is awesome! Jodi S. (ShoutOut) – Love it! We had our own little dance party going on. Jude is cool! Myra C. (ShoutOut) – Very cool! Steve I (ShoutOut, UK) – Cool and authentic! Tom K (ShoutOut) – Sounds like Sesame Street or The Electric Company. Outstanding! Tom S (ShoutOut) – Who wouldn’t love this song???  Christian and Christmas Music Quotes “Ricky, thanks for sharing your music with me. Good work and the guitar sounds great! You should be encouraged. Press on!” – Michael Card (songwriter, “El Shaddai”)   “Ricky Fitzpatrick is redefining himself, far beyond the James Taylor and Jim Croce comparisons of old. In “Beside Me All Along” he shines with a genuine joy.” “…a stunningly moving yet simply recorded collection of some of the most inspirational songs ever written.” LOVE your version of In the Garden!   Simply beautiful.   I loved it! My kind of music!!!   I just want you to know how excited I am. I know God has great things for you. Ricky I am excited to see you use your talents for God. Truly Deut. 31:6 is a testimony to you! I pray God continue to use you for HIS Glory. I am truly excited to see what He is doing in your life!       This (“We Three Kings”) is one of my favorite Christmas songs and you did it justice. I have a feeling your version will give people chills.   You've produced a wonderful version here (“We Three Kings”)…a great vocal performance.   Very warm and mellow and I love the acoustic sound.   We Three Kings:  I took it upon myself to listen to this.  I just couldn’t stop myself – it’s one of my favorites!  I LOVE your arrangement.  It’s definitely making my must have Christmas tunes list!  I loved everything about it.”