Acoustically Christmas LINKS 

The Christmas Season is coming on fast. Gifts are already being bought, Holiday movies are playing, and Christmas Music is already playing! It’s humbling to see my Acoustically Christmas album continue to be a perennial best-seller. It was certainly one of my favorite projects and the guest artists who helped me out, helped give me some of my most precious memories in the studio.

Of course AC is available at hundreds of places, around the planet…but here are a few links to some of the more common ones, in…

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Songwriting With the DAWG Pound Kids 

I am SO proud of the brand-new song I got to write with Jude and his classmates at the Homer Baptist DAWG Pound program today, “I Want To Dance Dance Dance”. We wrote it, on the spot, in like 10 minutes. They were incredible. Blew me away.

There should be A LOT of very proud parents out there…your kids DID this!

- Ricky

Me and Willie 

I don't even have to tell you how bad I am about keeping my "news" section up to date here. It's so consuming, using Facebook and Twitter, then emails...I just let it slip. :( Anyway...I definitely wanted to post a quick news flash, in case you haven't seen my posts about it yet!

So I go to iTunes Sunday afternoon, and bam, there I am...singing "Chevrolet" alongside Willie dadgum Nelson, on the new "Heart of America" CD from Sugo! Are you KIDDING me?!

You should check it out if you haven't. And if you…

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Highway 98 Sign Sponsors 

GA DOT funding for the “Highway 98” road signs is finally secured!

We are all incredibly grateful to the Madison County Chamber of Commerce ( and the folks at Commerce’s Southeast Toyota Distribution Center ( for sponsoring the cost of these signs. Please, please give them your support and show them your appreciation for helping us make this part of GA Music History, a reality!

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PRESS RELEASE - Olive Tree Announcement 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 22, 2012
From Corner To Corner – GA Musician Partners With WA Software Company
It’s true that today’s technology has made our world smaller than ever. But even so, a partnership between points as far apart as Georgia (deep Southeastern US) and Washington (extreme Northwestern US) is something exciting.
Ricky Fitzpatrick and Olive Tree Bible Software, bridge over 2,400 miles to announce an endorsement agreement, which partners the two, from corner to corner of the country, …Read more

Highway 98 Video Update 

Me and Caleb hit the road (literally) yesterday for some additional video shooting for the upcoming "Highway 98" music video. Lot of scenic shots...barns, hay bales, tractors and such. And we met a good many folks who live and work up and down 98. Good folks. Friendly and not camera shy at all. :) Held some signs for us as we hit record. I think we got what will be some great footage once we start working it all in, together. More to come...RF

For more info or to keep up with all things "98", you can…

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