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Olive Tree Bible AppFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – October 22, 2012
From Corner To Corner – GA Musician Partners With WA Software Company
It’s true that today’s technology has made our world smaller than ever. But even so, a partnership between points as far apart as Georgia (deep Southeastern US) and Washington (extreme Northwestern US) is something exciting.
Ricky Fitzpatrick and Olive Tree Bible Software, bridge over 2,400 miles to announce an endorsement agreement, which partners the two, from corner to corner of the country, and on both sides of the Christian playing field.
Olive Tree Bible Software based out of Spokane, WA is one of the world’s most prominent and leading electronic publishers of Bible versions, study tools and Christian eBooks for mobile, tablet and desktop devices. For over a decade, they’ve been helping connect millions of people, around the world, with the Word of God.
Fitzpatrick is a worship leader and an award-winning singer and songwriter with Studio 634 Records and the Sugo Music Group, with a career spanning over two decades and multiple genres. His most current accolade comes as the state of GA legislature recently declared one of his songs “Highway 98” as the first ever official song of any GA roadway.
"This is a partnership that puts each of us in a position to tell the people we already know and work with, about something new and exciting that we already believe in”, Fitzpatrick comments.
Endorsements agreements are highly-prized by both businesses and musical artists alike, as each agrees to publicly praise (or “endorse”) the people or products they like and believe in. (That’s why Toby Keith drives a Ford truck, Jennifer Hudson sings on those Weight Watchers commercials, and Michael Jordan still wears Nikes.)
“It’s an obvious thrill for me, being associated with such an amazing and respected organization, like Olive Tree”, says Fitzpatrick. “I’ve been using their Bible Reader app for a long time, even before this, and have always thought they were a great example of God’s excellence, in action.”
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