Summertime, Summertime!

Just thought I'd post a little something, since it's been...oh...what...3 or 4 months since my last post. :)

This Spring and Summer has been incredibly busy. Lots of irons in the fire (as usual). I've been recording a lot of different music lately. Lots of varying styles and concepts. A good number of things for our P&W services at church. Several guitar instrumental pieces in all kinds of different styles (folk, bluegrass, new age, pop and rock). And a TON of "production music", which is music that can be used in 5, 10, 20, 30 second spots in film, TV, commercial, documentary, websites, etc. That has been fun and a brand new experience for me.

The production music is something I've always wanted to get into, so that's exciting. And a couple of things are already being placed in some PBS programming. Very cool.

I'm also working (still) on a new CD of hymns. I wanted to do them simply. Just me and guitar. But I also want to do a corporate kind of recording. You know, do it live and capture the whole church singing along. Maybe a little piano and bass. Some percussion. I don't know. In the end, I may incorporate some of both.

I just started talking with an label that handles "relaxing music", mainly for meditation, massage, spas, etc. I have enough of that kind of instrumental music to put together a CD for them. And I 'm hopeful that that's exactly what we'll be doing. Again, something I'm really enjoying.

Friend and fellow Corner-stone Church member Christin Haynie knocked out some really nice shots at our informal "photo shoot", last month. I'm always self-conscious about having pix made of myself, but I know it must be done. Anyway, Christin was easy to work with, took my suggestions and in the end, used her God-given talent to work up some seriously nice pictures. You can check 'em out over on my Facebook page. Thank you, Christin!

Also, an EP-length project of more Folk Fusion-related guitar instrumentals is just around the bend. Think "a mix between James Taylor, Lionel Richie and John Mayer...without singing" and that's a pretty close idea of the songs. A limited quantity of physical CDs will be available, but mainly, this will be a digital release and should be on all the major download sites (Amazon, iTunes, Napster, CD Baby, etc). Some very cool pricing stuff, coming up on those songs.

And finally, I'll be joining the Australian Figure Skating team as a single men's skater in the upcoming 2014 Olympic Games...

Not really. Just making sure everyone's awake.

The most pressing project going right now is the creation of the relaxing music CD. Cover art selection is going well...everyone has been a huge help in that. The layout is close. The marketing plan is coming together. Recording and mastering is nearly complete. And my network of press and outlets for that part of the music biz is pretty much in place. Now I just need everyone to start spreadin' the news...

Of course, lots of samples of much of the new music is spread around on the Music Page. So please head on over and check it all out. And be a friend...tell a friend. :)

I'll be passing along updates on all of this as things fall into place. So hold on, tiger...I'll be sending out some details about all of these and asking for lots of favors (as always)!

Til I see you, take care. Peace, love and great music. FIC,


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