Tis the Season

Just wanted to let everyone know that plans are working for the new, upcoming Christmas CD, probably to be titled "Acoustically Christmas". This project is destined to be a collection of acoustically treated Christmas classics...song that we all know and love and have heard and sung a billion times! "Christmas standards".

My hope is that these will be great additions to families' Holiday activities, either around the house, at church, in the car or wherever you have Christmas stuff happening.

"What Child Is This", one of the cuts is already up on the music page (http://www.rickyfitzpatrick.com/music-67.html). I hope everyone is able to go check it out and give me a pre-release report. :)

I'll be recording the CD in The Junk Room studio at our home in Apple Valley and stretching my legs as I wade a little deeper into the mastering process. For the most part, it will continue to be me on all the vocals and instrumentation. But there will be a few special guests here and there (that's all I have to say about that).

And we'll be releasing it around mid to late October. Digitally, it will be in all the big spots...CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody and so on. Physical CD sales, which are becoming more and more overshadowed by MP3s, will be handled directly through me. More on that, coming up though.

Not much else to report yet, but stay tuned and I'll be sure to pass along all new developments as they happen.



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