Autumn Leaf Fest 07

What a great day! Saturday at the ALF 07 was just perfect. Huge crowd, great fans, good sound (thanks Mark!). Thank you Taresa for bringing your have an unbelievable eye. Thanks Donna for bringing Zander (?). Sam & George, sorry you couldn't make it this time. Ruby, I'm so sorry I missed you and Buddy! Clarice, it was so good to see you there. Pastor and Mrs A, so good to see y'all again...the dance team was remarkable! Esther, thanks for reminding me about the good old days at Wally World! :) Kim & John, thank you for being the very best of friends and being so supportive. Robert, what a pleasure to meet you...hope you enjoy the CD. And Kevin, Ashley and Mason, thank you a million for making my day truly memorable. For everyone who didn't make it, no sweat. See you Oct 19 at Borders in Athens!

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