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This past weekend, I decided to run my finger through a table saw. Didn’t seem to bother the table saw all that much, but my poor old finger has a fractured bone and seven lovely stitches running right through the middle of the tip and what’s left of my nail. Ouch! I’ve been asked about a million times if I can still play the guitar (yes, it was my left hand). Needless to say, no guitar playing for A WHILE. And although I had visions of my career going straight to hell, it should be back to normal soon, assuming the nerve endings aren’t permanently F’d up. We’ll just have to wait and see. On the lighter side, I do get to walk around shooting a permanent bird at everyone…pretty cool. Luckily, the Pre-release show for the new CD (@ Borders in Athens, GA) isn’t til the end of July. Bad thing, I can’t do much of anything in the studio to FINISH the tracks to go on it. You gotta love fate. But we’re working it out. Anyway, stay tuned, have faith and thank God for whoever invented Loritab! Peace…Ricky

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