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Wanted to share our most recent press release regarding the very cool news that Dry Pond Road appeared on the Barnsley Gardens Resort episode of GardenSMART! Enjoy and please spread the word! Thanks!!! - RF



July 6, 2011

Apple Valley (Jefferson), GA


Dry Pond Road Gets National Exposure

Award-winning artist and songwriter Ricky Fitzpatrick awoke this past Saturday morning to the sound of music. His own, actually.

One of his recent instrumental songs “Dry Pond Road”, was selected for use as the theme and closing music in GardenSMART one of Public Broadcasting’s longest running, nationally airing programs.

“We got up, turned on the TV and there it was…it was so surreal” he says. “We knew the song had been picked for use, but actually watching the show on TV and hearing it play on-air, it was just amazing. Very cool and definitely one of my musical high points.”

The song, a track from Fitzpatrick’s forthcoming CD “Down Home In the Promised Land”, is rustic Appalachian Folk played on one solo guitar. It was featured at the beginning and end of the Barnsley Gardens Resort episode of the weekly program.

“Since the show aired, online activity on that song has skyrocketed” says Fitzpatrick. “It’s amazing how many people have become interested in it because of hearing it on their TV.”

GardenSMART is currently in its 13th season, making it one of the longest running and most watched programs on Public Broadcasting. It airs at various times around the U.S., on over 170 different PBS stations, everywhere from New York to California and Georgia to Hawaii.

Ricky lives, records (and occasionally gardens) with his family in the rural community of Apple Valley (unincorporated), GA, and also leads worship services at Corner-stone Church in Jefferson.

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