Gone, gone, gone!

The dreaded hate site is finally gone. As everyone will notice, I removed the link to the site and deleted all the posts on the board about it. As far as I care, it never existed, because it sure made life a lot more interesting than I wanted it to be. I would say thanks to the person who created it, for removing it, but I won’t. I’m sure they’ll continue to do little things here and there to nit pick, but it isn’t that important. For everyone’s FYI, my ex-wife and I agreed together that the site was a detriment to both of us and to our kids, so she requested that the site be taken down, and I guess the person behind it must’ve finally agreed. Also, just to be up front about everything with everyone…and because of the recent fiasco…Hostbaby, who hosts my site, has implemented a tracking device of sorts, that helps me monitor in detail, the traffic coming into the site, posting on the board…all that. It isn’t used for “watching” you. But only for security and pulling data, if needed, in case we get some meathead coming to the site. Then we can trace them back, report them and take action if we have to. The tracker is invisible and won’t affect the site operation at all. Now…we can all get back to life as we know it, playing music, booking shows, studio time, CDs…all that. BTW, thank you to everyone who was so supportive of me during this and thank you for your positive comments and things you posted in my defense. I would like to ask, please, that no one post anything negative about anyone. Please. Not my ex, Cretia’s ex. None of them. We really want to put that behind us. All of us. And the best way to do that is to let everything heal by leaving it alone. So once again, thanks! Everyone has been wonderful. See you out there.

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