House Concerts

A while back, I started exploring the world of House Concerts. Huh? Yeah…that’s what I said. But apparently, this is something that is growing in popularity as people are attending fewer live shows (dealing with the noise, the smoke, the drunks…), but they still crave the live experience that you just can’t get on a CD. House Concerts are basically, a fan (or fans) that host a show at their house, either in their living room, garage, shop, backyard, etc. It’s just like having a party or a cook out, only everyone comes with the idea of maybe bringing a dish or drinks and the center of the event is a live performance by a musician that the fans set up to come. Guests either pay a per head admission or understand that they leave a donation to the artist…which is usually expected to be somewhere around $10-20 per guest. And they can buy CDs, t-shirts, etc. It’s a pretty cool concept, and the guests get a private concert, that is very intimate. Most house concerts run around 10-50 people, tops. So it’s a unique opportunity for fans and artist to really interact without the pressures of a bar or club atmosphere. Anyway, I say this because, I want to encourage you to step up and give the house concert thing a try. It isn’t any harder than asking a few friends over for dinner. It will be a brand new experience that most of your friends have never had before, and one that they’ll probably remember for years to come. You’ll be a social hero . Email me if you’re interested in this cool chance to be a part of our local music scene. Thanks for reading. See you all soon! Ricky

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