I Hate RF (huh?)

You know you hate to acknowledge something, trivial. But sometimes, I guess you just have to. As you may notice, I have a link on the Home Page and in the Links Page to a nifty site I found…the I Hate Ricky Fitzpatrick site. My first hate site, I have to say. What a left-handed honor :) But not exactly what I would’ve done. The graphics are a little sucky but I know that just comes from the Geocities page builder software. And it’s pretty anonymous. Yahoo! is very anonymous with their members, so the chances of ever knowing who the web master is for this site, are slim to none. At any rate, I wanted to link to it because even though I didn’t care for it, it actually is funny. But also a sad reflection of someone who really needs a hobby. I mean…other than bashing me. Maybe they could get a job. Or be a parent. Or something that grown people do besides slander other people. But…I encourage you to check it out. Go to the link I have, browse around and leave them a comment on their board. I think it’s worth a comment. Or leave a comment for me on my board. And if you have any questions about anything you see there, please ask me. Like I’ve said, I’ll gladly give you a straight answer or politely tell you that it’s private. I think that’s fair. Thanks so much for everyone's support and the trust that each of my fans have extended to me from the very start. And thanks in advance for your openmindedness. Until next time, hope everyone has a great day. Hope to see you all soon. Ricky

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