Cretia, Emma and I went out with friend and photographer extraordinaire, Taresa Sibcy for a very cool photo session today. On a side note, keep an eye out here for a link to her upcoming web site. She is awesome. We started out on the other side of Gillsville on some secluded RR tracks. Taresa got some very cool shots of me playing the guitar and walking the tracks, playing, smoking a cigarette. Can’t wait to see those. It was a little unnerving, having so many pictures taken. But Taresa was a pro all the way and did a great job at making me feel relaxed. Next we headed to Hall County, off of Whitehall Road to an old grist mill. Turns out, the mill was fenced in, but the area was just awesome. Taresa had an old chair that we put down on the creek bank. I propped up in it right on the water, playing and posing. Then a few shots on the bridge. And finally we got a lot of shots of me playing/singing on the porch of some old adjacent house, there on the site…bandana on-head. That was the most relaxed I’d been all day. As fate would have it, a truck drove by and we met Hugh and Delaine Quinn. Turns out they used to live in the house right there by the mill. Very cool. Hugh told us about shooting snakes under the bridge…of course AFTER we had tramped all around there. They were really nice folks. Gave them a CD. So now we’re waiting for another weekend to do a few more shots with maybe an old barn, an old truck/tractor and a few head shots. Things like that. So if anyone knows of a spot, let me know. I’ll go check it out. Til next time…

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