From the recording Glorious King (demo)

New Praise & Worship piece here, called Glorious King. Hoping we might share it during worship at Corner-Stone in the next week or two.
I don't have a scripture reference for this one (although, I'm sure we could easily find one). No story. No premise. No elaborate backdrop that will bring it into focus for millions of us, around the world.
I only know I sat down the other night with my guitar and started to write what was on my heart. About 5 minutes after starting, the end of the page came, and it was basically, done. Just like that.
All that may be painfully obvious (yikes), if you're into song critiques and such. I would admit though, frankly I don't even think this is a "properly" crafted lyric, myself. There's no obvious theme. No catchy hook in the lyric or melody. No interesting or fancy instrumental parts. If you gave me a passing grade in songwriting, I'd be surprised.
But what it IS, is an open conversation, a prayer, a heart-to-heart and a lay-it-all-out-there moment, for me, with the King of Glorious King.
All the stuff we're "supposed" to do as songwriters, sometimes, just doesn't really matter that much, in the grand scheme of things. Sometimes, you just throw the old manmade rulebook out the window and let music and lyrics do what I believe, God created them to do. And that is (partly) to move us, emotionally and cause us to react in a specific way. Rules, or not. :)
And this is me reacting to my God...and in my own way, Him speaking back to me.
But regardless of how you see it, I hope you'll hear this quick rendition of this new song, and it will at least inspire you to just talk to and get close to God. Close enough for Him to see all your imperfections, so to speak. And then find yourself amazed at how He looks right through whatever you think might stand between the two of you, and somehow only sees Jesus, covering you.
Now that's a Glorious King, to me. :)


Glorious King (Key of G) Verse 1Every breath I takeEvery moment I liveEvery step I takeI owe to You. Verse 2Every sunrise and setEvery song I singEvery thought, in everythingI owe to You. Pre-ChorusYou speak the wordAnd all of heaven, all of earthComes to be… ChorusGlorious KingAuthor of LifeMake of allAnd Savior of me…I will singO Hallelujah!Unto the name, of You…My Glorious King. Copyright 2012, Ricky Fitzpatrick. Words & Music by Ricky Fitzpatrick. Published by Pitch A Fitz Music Publishing.