From the recording Only and Forever

We have a brand-new worship song, "Only and Forever". This will be the newest "single", heading out to all our online partners, radio and such. So I pray it speaks to you, and God will be using it for His purpose.
I have to say, I'm digging this very much...just a sweet feeling of worship coming over me when I sing it. Not to sound conceited about it (ha)...but I really am connecting with this. It seems to make it easy to draw near in my worshiptime.
Seems like lately everything I write has a title of "This AND That"..."Faithful & True", "Glorious & Wonderful", and now this. :) What can I adjective isn't enough to describe our God!
Seriously, I hope this is a song that speaks to you and that moves you closer to commune with the Lord as you listen to or sing it. I love writing "prayer songs", where we sing directly to God. And incorporating commonly quoted scripture in there, to me does so many things, one of which further honors the One we sing to.
Enjoy! Thank you! And as always, let me know if you need chord charts or anything for your own worship services. More info to come as we have radio info to pass along!


Only and ForeverG/2 (A) Intro – Em G C Em G D Verse1Holy is the lord almighty (Em G C)Holy is the king of kings (Em G D)Holy is the lamb of god (Em G C)That was slain (F D) Verse1 repeat Bridge1Holy and worthy to be praised (Em G/B)Holy and worthy to be praised (C) ChorusOnly and forever my Jesus (G G/B)Blessed sacrifice (Am)Perfect sacrifice (C D)Only and forever my savior (G G/B)You will reign on high (Am)You will reign on high (C D)Only and forever. TO -Em G C Em G D Verse2Let the earth declare Your goodness (Em G C)Let the heavens sing your name (Em G D)Let the heart of every sinner (Em G C)Be saved.  (F D) Bridge2You are and ever you will be (Em G/B)You are and ever you will be (C) Chorus (repeat to end)  Words and Music by Ricky Fitzpatrick. Copyright 2012 Ricky Fitzpatrick, Our Apple Valley Home Songs, and Pitch A Fitz Music (BMI).