From the recording Your Holy Place (demo)

The other day, I started informally working on a new song, intended for Sunday morning worship at our church (Corner-Stone Church). Actually, in the beginning, I was leaning toward a variation on Amazing Grace, but that never materialized. :) Instead, the lyrics which became Your Holy Place, came together in all of about 10 minutes.
I spent the next day refining what I could of them and referencing my Bible (lots of Revelation scriptures) and making things "correct". Wearing my theology hat, as best as I could. And I feel very strongly about the fact that there be a lot of concrete scriptural references in there. Although there is some poetic license in spots (hope that's OK, Lord).
I laid this demo down around midnight (typical for me), having no idea at the time, how the guitar should be and certainly having nothing in mind for the harmony vocals. But as I recorded, it all just started gelling. I have to say, to me, the vocals came out having this kind of Shane & Shane feel to them...which was perfectly fine with me. (I'm a big S&S fan.)
But the main point of the song was for this to be a prayer to The Father. Something I might say as I rise in the morning and come into His throneroom. What I would think, feel and see there. Hopefully, the ideas of beauty and majesty and awe and gratefulness are conveyed. And the idea that once I'm there, I don't want to leave.
But then the coolest part (for me) was the realization that yes, when Jesus comes again, we will know what Heaven and God's actual presence and His throne are like. And that will indeed be glorious! But at this time, in the here-and-now, that "Holy place" is in each of us. God dwells in His Holy place, which is His temple, which is His children.
And so considering all of this imagery in the song, isn't it cool to think that all of that...thunder, shouts of praise, brilliant light, the glory of God...could be going on inside each of us right now? How awesome is that!
Our God is such a cool God. :)
So...I hope you enjoy this and I pray it draws you closer to Him and deeper into an authentic worship of Him! Amen!


Your Holy Place Verse 1Lord I come, humbly reaching.Take me now, all of me.Morning calls me to seek Your face.So I will rest, here in Your Holy place. Verse 2Songs of praise, cries of worship,Unto You, the God of all.‘Round Your throne, creation gathers.And so shall I, here in Your Holy place. ChorusThunder rolls, and angels sing!Glorious light fills the earth!Boundless love, and Mercy comesIn waves of endless Grace…Here in Your Holy place. Verse 3Sacrifice and Mercy unmeasured.Faithful One, in everything.Joyous peace and praise collide,And I will reside, here in Your Holy place. Chorus Verse 4On my knees, I bow before you.The song of Jesus, alive in me.I will come, nothing between us,Wherever You dwell, here in Your Holy place. TagWherever You dwell, here in Your Holy place.  Words & Music by Ricky Fitzpatrick. © 2012 Ricky Fitzpatrick (BMI) and Pitch A Fitz Music Publishing (BMI).