1. Mr. Lizard

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Over this past weekend, we were all outside, enjoying the cool/warm Fall weather, and we spotted a small lizard. Like 6 inches long. Not bothering anyone.
Well the kids were amazed. It might as well have been a 3-headed Purple Alien, the way they were hovering over it and scoping it out. Of course, however...no one was about to touch it. :)
When I was a kid, we’d have probably blasted it away with our BB guns or taped it to a Frisbee or something. But my kids are angels and considerate and wouldn’t dare hurt such a helpless creature. Actually, they really are kind of cool about it, not just flat-out destroying animals and such, just for the fun of it. Well, except Jude and a bug…he will squash a bug in a New York minute if he can get a foot over it.
So, after the exciting lizard viewing, it then becomes a part of our discussions. On the way to “school” every morning, Jude (who is 2, BTW) likes for us to sing songs. Some, we know, and some, we make up on the fly. Naturally on Monday morning, we started on a lizard song, straight away.
And so this is what came out. Jude was honestly quite helpful with this and was very strict as to what was "right" and what was not, lyrically. Very opinionated, and adamant that we stick to what actually happened with the lizard and avoid the use of "artistic license" on this one.
It's a pretty cool tune, I think. Kind of a Pink Panther type groove going on. Lots of little bells and whistles (literally) and “percussiony” type things going on too. A real fun song to do. Fun to sing…hard to record though, because I couldn’t stop laughing at how…embarrassing it felt to sing this. (Sorry Jude.)
But at the end of the day, our kids will love it and we’ll be singing it years from now, for the millionth time, along with our Backhoe Song, The Old Truck and Mr. Blackbird (building up quite a repertoire of kid’s songs).
So please enjoy. Hope your kids will enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it.


------------------------V1I see that lizard sitting thereUnderneath the tree.He’s looking around without a careAnd I see him, but he doesn’t see me. V2I see that lizard sitting thereOn the window sill.He’s long and green and not very mean.But he’s gettin’ kinda jumpy, so I try to be still. ChorusMr. Lizard, what you doing today?I’d like to touch (grab) you, but I’m kind of afraid.‘Cause you’re green and slimyAnd you’ll sneak around behind meSo I’ll leave you alone, til another day. V3I see that lizard sitting thereUnderneath the car.He’s a little bit frighteningAnd he’s fast as lightningAnd he’s hiding in the shadows, so I have to look hard. Chorus