1. Thomocoggan

From the recording Thomocoggan

One of the new acoustic guitar instrumentals that I've been recording for the upcoming CD.
Thomocoggan is the Native American name for the Indian village now known as Jefferson, GA...which happens to be my hometown. If you're from our local area, you've probably heard the name. If not, then shame on you. :)
If you dig artists like Leo Kottke (not that I'm in the same league with LK), then this should be right up your alley. That kind of folky, driving, lilting sort of melody that he is, in part, so well known for.
Anyway, enjoy! I hope this song takes you to the woods and streams of rural North GA...the sights, sounds and smells...the humid air, the smell of pine trees and honeysuckle...the dance of the water along the edges of Curry Creek...and the heart of what I believe is quite possibly the most beautiful places on earth.
More to come, very shortly...
- Ricky