"Angels We Have Heard On High" from the "Acoustically Christmas" CD.
Joining me is an insanely talented artist, great friend and brother in Christ, Will Taylor. As you'll hear, Will and I have vastly different styles when it comes to playing and vocals. We also have a huge difference in our creative perspectives. But that's one reason I wanted to do this song with Will. I knew he would bring something unexpected to the table. And he totally did!

The two of us have previously co-led Praise & Worship at Corner-stone Baptist, so we're used to playing off each other in a song. But this was a little different. Nevertheless, it worked exactly like I'd hoped it would. Will’s intense voice was such a cool contrast to what I’m normally doing. It was a real thrill to put this together. And I believe God blessed our work, the night we laid this down.

Give this track a listen and see what you think. Yes, I hope you like the vocals and guitar and production...of course. But even moreso, open your heart as the song plays and let your focus concentrate more and more on Jesus. He is glorious and we are blessed through His divine birth and life! What a joyous way to remember the gift of Him, at Christmas!


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Thank you and have a blessed day!Ricky


Angels we have heard on highSweetly singing o'er the plains,And the mountains in replyEchoing their joyous strains.Gloria, in excelsis Deo!Gloria, in excelsis Deo! Come to Bethlehem and seeChrist Whose birth the angels sing;Come, adore on bended knee,Christ the Lord, the newborn King.Gloria, in excelsis Deo!Gloria, in excelsis Deo!