From the recording Go Tell It On the Mountain

* * * * *

Wanted to post just a tasty snippet of this rendition of Go Tell It On the Mountain, appearing shortly on the upcoming Apple Valley Christmas CD.
And no...I'm not posting the whole thing yet! You'll have to wait til the CD comes out for that!
Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this short excerpt. This is one of my all-time favorite Holiday songs, and it was so fun recording it. This arrangement is extremely fun to play...very funky...very bluesy. And I love the way it lends itself to a freedom in the vocal line. Makes it all the more cool to do.
If you're the musician-type, you'll want to know...this is played in E...typical blues chord progressions...and not a lot of instruments going on here...just me singing, two guitar tracks and the bass. As I've said many times before, a great song is a great song, regardless of how elaborately it's recorded. And this, having been recorded by some of the greatest of the greats (Aretha Franklin, Michael McDonald, James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Dolly Parton, and more), is a perfect example of that.
Thank goodness I have the good fortune to be able to sing and record some of the greatest songs ever written, and to do them in a way that still lets me relax, smile and enjoy the process, without getting lost in a sea of studio mumbo jumbo. This is how I love to do this song when you aren't listening. :)
So enjoy...and if you like this, then expect much more of the same, as the rest of the Apple Valley Christmas CD is cut from the same cloth. Stay close for updates on all that, as Christmas draws closer and closer.
Til then, thank you for listening, commenting and sharing with your friends! - RF