From the recording Jingle Bells (Henhouse Mix)

Most people who either know me or have listened to my music over the years, know that I’m not the funny, extroverted guy with the guitar. Not that I’m somber, but I typically gravitate to the more serious, reflective side of things, when it comes to music and songwriting.
But every now and then, “the mood” just strikes. :)
Periodically, at home, I’ll write goofy little songs for the kids and sometimes even record them. And I try to use the kids in the studio when I can, one because I want them to have the experience and two, well, because it’s just cool.
I didn’t get to use the kids on this song…mainly because I recorded it at around 1AM. But I also wanted it to be a surprise when we got in the car the next day. And it was.
Jude loves chickens…why, I don’t know. But he does. So he was my main inspiration on this one. But I also imagined Emma singing (clucking) along…which she did. And I could just picture Caleb’s big smile and him laughing that “I can’t help myself” laugh…and he did. Cretia…she cracked a smile as I debuted my latest musical creation to the family, but I think her general sentiment was “My God, what will our friends say if this ever gets out?”
When I sat down behind the microphone and started clucking and making chicken sounds, I have to admit…I was looking around the room, just to make sure nobody was peeking around the corner and laughing at me. It was just weird. But as the henhouse sounds began to build up in layers, it just got more and more fun (Which probably means I really AM nuts).
We have laughed and smiled and sung and clucked along, to this. It’s one of those things that you do, knowing how embarrassing it will be, but you do it anyway, because you catch a glimpse of what a great memory it’ll make. And I believe it certainly has.
Here’s wishing everyone who hears it, as much laughter as we’ve gotten from it. Merry Christmas!


Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck, get the picture.