From the recording Joy To the World

Every time I recorded a new track for the CD, it became my new favorite. This was no exception. One difference? It's STILL one of my favorites.
I loved recording "Joy To the World"...the beat, the groove, the harmonies. I just love performing this song. And of course, I had to share it with everyone, ahead of time.
And...I thought you might like the idea of downloading it for free, at least until the CD hits the streets. So Merry early Christmas. :)
By the way, we will definitely be sending this track to radio, so if you dig it, please let me know and please let your local radio station to get it (or any of the songs) on the air, once they start spinning Christmas tunes this year.
Thanks and I hope you enjoy the song. Please share it with your friends!

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For all downloads, there are many choices. All major digital downloads sites (iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Rhapsody, etc) will have Acoustically Christmas. And some of their banners are below...just click on your favorite to go there.
Thank you and have a blessed day!Ricky