"O What A Song" from the "Acoustically Christmas" CD.
This is only one of two songs on the "Acoustically Christmas" CD that I wrote myself, and actually, one that I've been rolling around in my head for several years. In the middle of the variations of and acoustic takes on classic Christmas hymns, I knew, when deciding to do this CD, that I wanted this song to be on it. But I wanted it to be...memorable. Something special. :)
For me, "special" meant inviting someone to record it with me...someone amazing!
And that someone was Nathan Sheppard. Nathan has been one of my musical heroes for many, many years...if you know me, then you already know that. Nathan is an iconic artist, particularly in the Athens, GA area, but also far beyond that. He has a gift for spot-on, smart songwriting and an uncommon talent for delivering an amazing vocal. So any chance to work with him is not only exciting for me personally, but it's a joy, technically. He is SO talented. 
After getting over the awe of hauling my recording equipment into Nathan's home and being in his studio area, we set up, plugged in and he just nailed it. Bam. Beautiful, spot-on and as I expected, something completely...unexpected. :) The synergy of working with another artist like Nathan is intoxicating and absolutely, unreal. It's one of my favorite parts of being a musician.
I believe God has much to say through this song. When we sing "O what a song...", most of us are thinking about the angels singing at the birth of Christ. And that's not inaccurate.
But I like to think about the song that God must've been singing. What kind of song was He singing at the birth of His Son? And I do believe he sang...our God is a God of music. And if we're made in His likeness, then I would imagine He expresses His joy in song, just as we're compelled to do.
So this song is about the song that I think God may have sung...and the same song that He gently drops into the hearts of His people, so that we all sing and rejoice as one, over the birth of the Savior.
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Thank you and have a blessed day and a Merry Christmas!Ricky


O’ What A SongWords & Music by Ricky FitzpatrickVerse 1O what a song, on the morning when Jesus was born.O what a song, in the light of that heavenly morn.O what a song, and the melody’s ringing.O what a song, in my heart I am singing.O what a song.Verse 2O what a song, on the morning when Christ came to earth.O what a song, with the angels proclaiming His birth.O what a song, and the lyric is glorious.O what a song, in a heavenly chorus.O what a song.*break*O what a song, and the melody’s ringing.O what a song, in my heart I am singing.O…what a song.What a song.