From the recording Down In Bethlehem

Posting this rendition of "Down In Bethlehem" for our upcoming Kids' Christmas Program (A Hee Haw Christmas) at Corner-Stone. Spoofing on ZZ Topp's "Sharp Dressed Man" gotta love it, right?! :)
Definitely "out of my comfort zone", for singing. (Ha!) But who cares? I had a blast recording it!
Break out the beards, cheap sunglasses and fuzzy guitars. Let's rock this thang!


Down In Bethlehem(Spoof of “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Topp) God said, this night,Follow the star that is shining bright.Foretold, prophecy.The time has come for the world to see.We come to glorify the son of man…Cause Jesus Christ is born down in Bethlehem. No room. No beds.Mary and Joseph found a stable instead.God’s son. Virgin birth.Nobody knew about His endless worth.Now God has come to the hearts of man…Cause Jesus Christ is born down in Bethlehem. Emman-uelThe angels sang and the heavens tell.To the earth, from above,Bringing Grace, mercy and love.He comes to save. So let me tell you again…That Jesus Christ is born down in Bethlehem.