1. Just A Phase

From the recording Just A Phase

Digging thru more (and more) old demo and scratch tapes (as in cassette tapes) last night and pulled this one off to save it from complete obscurity and from the all too common fate that goes with all cassette recordings.
Back in the day, I had just bought this killer Roland digital effects pedal and it had like a billion effects on it…and you could stack them, no less. Of course, I was obsessed with it and fiddled with it for hours and hours on end.
So I worked up this hopelessly overdriven, flanged, chorus guitar sound then ran my acoustic through and got this. Yes, this is my humble acoustic, thru the rig.
Not really a song, per se, just the idea for a future song. And not my cleanest playing, for sure…but totally fun to play. :) Even with all the remaining signal junk and "clicks" that I just couldn't get erase (and we used to think cassettes we're like the most awesome thing ever!).

Thought I’d post it here for an un-serious moment in your day. 80's Forever!!!