From the recording Love of My Life

A song written for a friend as a gift to her sweetie. :) This was actually an easy was like writing to my own sweetheart. Amazing to me, how powerful and intoxicating, our love for that someone special can be. And it isn't something that you or I in particular, hold a patent on...everyone loves to be loved. 
Hope this is an enjoyable listen, and I hope it serves the purpose for which it was written. I don't write a lot of Bluesy R&B style material, but it's one of my favorite genres. I hesitate to compare this to other artists, but I hope it brings to mind a favorite or two as it plays.
Lots of fun, writing and recording this! Looking forward to more of it! 


------------------------------------Love of My Life If you have worries,I'll be your comfort.If you are troubled,I'll be your peace. If you feel lonely,I will not leave you.I'll be your anchorIn the storms of life's sea. Destiny callsAnd brings a new love.Now all that we areI not what I was. If you need me I'll beRight by your side,My closest friend,Love of my life.  Words & Music by Ricky Fitzpatrick© 2012 Ricky Fitzpatrick Music, Our Apple Valley Home Songs, and Pitch A Fitz Music Publishing (BMI)