1. Go Rest High

From the recording Go Rest High


After hearing about Mason Braswell and his struggle these last few days, I must say, we were heartbroken. We are one of many, many lucky families to have been blessed by Mason and his entire family. And with the recent turn of events, we were at such a loss. Personally, I've been pretty emotional, at least privately, about the whole ordeal. Still, knowing my own sadness, I know it can't begin to compare to what Mason's family is feeling now. I can’t imagine losing a child.
If I was wealthy, I’d make a financial contribution of some sort. If I was a poet, I’d say something eloquent. But I don’t have either of those gifts. But I am a musician. And although it isn’t much, my gift of music is what I have to offer. And I thought I’d offer it now.
I put down this quick recording of Vince Gill’s Go Rest High On That Mountain, thinking that Mason would like it. I think he may be the only person I've ever met who loved music more than I do. But I did this, I must admit, some, for my own sake. It’s therapy in a sense, for me, to sing and express my emotions and get something out there. I immediately feel a weight lifted when I start to sing, and of course during this, I was feeling quite a heaviness.
I also hoped folks would hear it, overlook it’s roughness, and find some peace and comfort of their own, in it. If we can share in that peace, through my offering of this beautifully written song, then I believe I will have honored God’s purpose, in some small way.
I’ve always felt that if we’ve been given a gift or talent, then God has a purpose for that gift. And it’s our responsibility to use it to achieve that purpose. Maybe this is part of His purpose for me...and I pray His end is found in this recording. And we pray for His hand of understanding on the entire Braswell family now.
And if you’re reading this, then you surely realize the enormous financial weight that will no doubt hang on this family. Even though that’s the least of their worries now, it will certainly become an issue in the coming weeks and months.
Please help...even if only in what may seem like a small way. Go to First GA Bank (off 441 in Homer) and contribute to the Mason Braswell Fund. http://www.firstgabnk.com/homer.htm
Or attend one of the many fundraisers taking place over the next few days:
Thursday 11-18, 5-9PM, Sonic Drive-In (Commerce) - http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=107901739279368
Tuesday 11-23, 6-8PM, Skate-A-Rama (Commerce) - http://www.facebook.com/topic.php?uid=130629923661016&topic=48
Facebook Page for Mason - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Memories-For-Mason/130629923661016


Go Rest High On That Mountain
I know your lifeOn earth was troubledAnd only you could know the painYou weren't afraid to face the devilYou were no stranger to the rainGo rest high on that mountainSon, you work on earth is doneGo to heaven a shoutin'Love for the Father and SonOh, how we cried the day you left usWe gathered round your grave to grieveI wish I could see the angels facesWhen they hear your sweet voice singGo rest high on that mountainSon, you work on earth is doneGo to heaven a shoutin'Love for the Father and Son