From the recording Possum Creek (30 sec)

Possum Creek (or to be linguistically correct "O'possum" Creek) is the birth of a production project that has yet to come to light. And being that I kind of like the song, I can't stand to just sit on it and wait. So I decided to work up a more "consumer" version of it and start sharing it. This is just a sample of the soon-to-be-completed full song.
I tend to bounce back and forth when it comes to studio treatments. One day it's very minimalistic. The next it's full-band instrumentation. But I repeatedly gravitate to this particular format. I love it. Although it's nothing but acoustic guitars, I believe they're treated differently enough so they each fit in their own part of the sonic landscape.
Basically, a doubled main rhythm track, a finger-picked track, secondary "strum", guitar behind that, a "chunky" muted guitar, a lead guitar and a track of plucked harmonics. Sounds like a lot, but it comes together pretty easily.
Possum Creek is played in DADGAD so you get that nice open-voicing, plus the ability to move around a lot in the lead area and still keep a pulse going through the song. Finger-picking and harmonics play a big part of the to me because I love to play both.
I have my own visions of what this conjures up for me, but I don't want to totally influence anyone else in that respect. So I'll leave my personal thoughts out for now and let the song paint whatever picture each listener allows it to create.
However, FYI Possum Creek is a part of our local culture here in the Jackson County, GA (Northeast GA) area, which is a theme that I've been enjoying working around very much for the last good while. If you're from these parts, you'll surely recognize the name.
Definitely one of my favorite instrumental pieces I've recorded. I can dig a whole album of this.
Enjoy this 20-30 second appetizer of the full song!
- RF