I had the chance to share my testimony with the Corner-Stone Church family, during Sunday morning services… “A Life In Repair”. A little unnerving, I confess. :) Definitely gave me a new respect for what our Pastor Darrel Rewis does week in and week out!
Still, while I enjoyed sharing...while I enjoyed connecting with our local body... at the end of the day, it isn't about me telling my story. My story is only the backdrop for the main point.
And that point is…God is Gracious. And our past is what it is. We all have one. So let it be so. And realize that God is waiting, with unmerited, unceasing Grace, to be a part of our future. So turn your brokenness to Him, and let Him "fix you". Let Him make you whole again.
I'm praying that when you listen, download or share this with a friend, that the Holy Spirit takes this simple message (and my public speaking in-abilities), and uses it to reach through and touch someone’s life, for His name's sake! Amen!


Recorded May 6, 2012 at Corner-Stone Church, Jefferson, GA. For more information go to www.corner-stone.org.